Modern Football is STILL Rubbish

Back once again with the renegade masters.

Even Norman Cook must pine for a time before the ubiquitous
‘Right Here, Right Now’ was pumped out of stadium tannoys at
five-to-three in an attempt to drown out any genuine atmosphere.

Well, we’re back with a much needed sequel to the international bestseller(ish) Modern Football is Rubbish.

One volume of splenetic invective – mixed with two table spoons of nostalgia – was never going to be enough. We had plenty of mud still to sling at what’s left of the beautiful game. And so, Modern Football is STILL Rubbish, picks up where the last tome left off. Only this time we are funnier, edgier and yet still trapped in a fug of nostalgia for a bygone age.

Buy a copy. Join the revolution – right here, right now.

Modern Football is STILL Rubbish

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The MFIR empire now spans two volumes, a translation into Polish and a regular column in Football Punk magazine.